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She is Dovahkiin

  Sarka 'Wolfrunner' Varghöss
Occupation:  Warrior/Hunter, with a talent for cold magic
Family: Son; Johan (deceased), mother; Adisa (deceased), father; Varinn (deceased), Kylfingr Úlfarr (who would have been her husband, also deceased)
Talents:  Archery, sword and dagger, cold magic, axes (but she dislikes them and generally doesn't use them unless she has to do so), cooking, smithing/armor crafting (out of necessity), and alchemy (again out of necessity), and she is an expert survivalist.


Sarka 'Wolfrunner' Varghöss was born to Adisa and Varinn in 4E 171, Mid Year on Tibedetha (24th) in the fiefdom of Alcaire. She grew up in the shadow of the Wrothgarian Mountains and lives outside Alcaire proper. Sarka, named after her long dead aunt who made a name for herself as a brave and fearless adventurer and warrior, favored her Nordic father's blond and blue-eyed looks.

Like Varinn, skill in swords and archery seemed a gift from the gods, one that was put to use as early as possible. She strung her first bow (a small one) when she was six and began helping her father hunt when she was nine. She was a sure shot, too, and by the time she was twelve, she could hit a wolf in the eye at five hundred feet at a dead run. This propensity to shoot while running bestowed the nickname of 'Wolfrunner' on her when she was fifteen.  She is also gifted with a un-nurtured talent in  cold magic, which comes out when she is threatened.  She has no talent in any other branch of magic, instead relying on herbs and plants for their healing properties.

Pelts were often brought into market on a monthly basis, and the meat sold to butchers--this provided most of the income for the family. While they weren't rich and weren't exactly poor, they were quietly comfortable.

Everything had a use from wolf to rabbit, and Sarka took great pains to make sure it all got used. She also used to run errands from town to town and city to city. By the age of nineteen, she was hunting and carrying out those tasks regularly and pulling in more income for her family. Sometimes, she'd track prey a long distance from home, and it was on one such trip, delivering supplies to a farm near Riverwood, that she met a fellow Nord, Kylfingr Úlfarr. Technically speaking, she was hunting a white-tailed deer and nearly shot the man.

Kyl (pronounced Keel), had spent most of his life on the road and living in the wilds after his parents were killed in a raid when he was eight, was skittish, but instantly infatuated with Sarka. Kyl told her that he had been searching for her since he was small, and that his parents believe that a woman matching her description would bear a son with great power--the power to save all of Skyrim from a terrible threat. Sarka initially thought he was pretty crazy, but he was fervent in this prophecy, which he said came from his mother who had the gift of foresight.

They spent a few nights together, traveling, until a frost troll's untimely appearance ended everything. Kyl died in her arms and the frost troll apparently had no interest in a meal - or Kyl's dead body.

She gave Kyl a proper Nord funeral when she was able to do so, heartbroken at the loss. Two months later, she realized that she was pregnant with Kyl's child and returned home only to find that her entire village had been wiped out by an avalanche. Nothing was salvagable save an amulet of Kyne, also known as Kynareth, which Sarka never removes.

She delivered her son, Johan Úlfarrson in a small down east of Whiterun where she stayed for a few years afterward. Sarka trained Johan from the time he was very small to be a warrior, but when he was ten, and they were hunting in the mountains, the same frost troll that had killed Kyl appeared out of the heavy snows. There was a fierce battle between Sarka and the troll--one that claimed her young son's life. Sarka was badly wounded in the attack, blinded in her left eye, and left with a scar on her cheek from the assault.

Even with the aid of magic, she recovered slowly, lost in her own mind. Her eyesight was healed, but the scar and discoloration of her eye remained as if to remind her of the loss.

What of Kyl's prophecy now? What would happen if Skyrim needed that hero? In the months that it took her to recover, she wandered, trying to make sense of everything. That wandering became years until the fateful day she crossed the borderline to go back home to Skyrim.

Her brush with near-death and the appearance of the dragon woke her up, pulling a thread of power within her, and placing her on the path of Dovahkiin--and wondering if there were more like her. Sarka has recently found this out, and has just learned the final word of Unrelenting Force from the Graybeards Yol. She is now searching for more Words of Power.

Personality:  Sarka is blunt, never minces words, and cusses like the warrior she is.  She's not particularly socially minded and doesn't give a skeever's ass what you or anyone else thinks.  She's hard as nails, unbothered by cold, and has been called frigid more often than actually necessary.  She is determined to take her son's place and takes this Dovahkiin shit pretty seriously.  That said, she's gruffly amicable and doesn't actually hate people as much as her reputation seems to suggest.  Still, she'd rather punch someone than be polite--if only so people remember to leave her the shit alone.

Outwardly, she's rough as hell.  Inwardly, she is a grieving mother who has lost her entire family and taking it out on every godsdamned frost troll she sees.  Dragons, too.  She lives for the fight, screw anyone who gets in her way.  That said, Sarka will devour knowledge in any form and spends her time when she's not on the road learning about anything and everything she can.  She says it keeps her too busy to think, which, when she wakes up screaming from nightmares, means she reaches for a tome on...something.  Anything.  Once awake, she rarely settles back to sleep.

Some say she's bent on getting herself killed so that she can join her family, but it hasn't happened yet and she is fine with letting that reputation spread.  Single-minded death-wish Sarka gets less trouble from the world around her if people make room.

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